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Fort Lauderdale's Louie Bossi is the bomb dig. What pandemic?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

In a world of uncertainty, this photo says a night out. A portrait of my old life, finally showing itself, only it was just a few days ago. I finally got myself out of the house and out to dinner. I didn't want this to be a different experience from what I loved so much, but I knew in my heart it had to be different. After what has happened in the world lately, this would quite possibly be challenging. But if I want to go back to any sort of normalcy, I had to practice what I preach and get on with it already.

I couldn't wait to get down to Fort Lauderdale. Something always says fun when I'm driving on the iconic A1A. I get in my car to be down there by 6:30pm and I make it there in 40 minutes. On a regular Friday night, before riots and pandemics, there was no way this trip would take less than an hour. And I'm early. Way early. The streets are crowded and filled with energy, I'm already feeling like myself again. It's nice to see people walking, talking, smiling even. I hang out and wait in my car a bit for my favorite "date" to come out of the building and we head on over to Louie Bossi.

They have valet. This in itself enhances my night and brings me joy. Who doesn't want to be dropping themselves off at the front door instead of having to drive around downtown to find parking? It's like the airport valet in Fort Lauderdale. A game changer. You drop yourself at the front door of your airline and head to the gate. When you get back, you send a little text and boom, there is your car waiting for you.

The valet was 10 dollars. I was a bit surprised for some reason, was I new to this? It was, of course, still worth it. I hand him a 10 dollar bill and we head on in.

We are lead into an extension of the parking lot, sort of a bar type, waiting area. It's make shift, it's outside and it feels like a tent. It was done well with beautiful lighting and a bunch of hightop tables covered in black. No true bar, still forbidden, sadly. The bar cart felt like I should have asked for a popcorn, but I asked the handsome, young bartender with the Eastern European accent for a vodka tonic instead. The drinks were served in plastic, which is never my favorite thing, but I am sort of standing in the parking lot, in a tent, so I don't think plastic is the worst idea for them. I people watch for a while as the crowd starts to roll in. It'a about 7:30 now.

We are guided to our table and I walk directly from the holding tank (tent) into the garden. It's exactly how I remember it with a beautiful trellis, red brick pathway and twinkling, white mini lights. There are tables perfectly placed in an old bocci court. Charming. Enveloped in greenery in the form of real trees and plants, including covering and following the form of the brick archway above the door to go inside the restaurant. It made me feel as if a real life Italian fairy (does that even exist?) could swoop in at any moment and speak to me in the most romantic language in the world. The neon "Peroni" sign lighting up the garden was the Italian icing on the cake. The crowd continues to build with perfect "social distancing" orders in place. The waitress, also with an accent, was sweet, kind, friendly and incredibly helpful and my new drink was served in glass.

Chin Chin!

The dresses get shorter and the girls seem to be getting younger. I am not complaining, they were spectacular and it did make my night out feel festive. They were prancing in like they were on a fashion runway and were presenting themselves in all shapes and sizes with dresses of every color. I do love south Florida. If you are looking to meet someone, I think this may be your place. There were some older women and men in their 30 and 40s as well and plenty of couples out and about. I felt a little like people were there for more reasons than having a good meal and a pleasant night out. Perhaps they aren't old enough to know a good meal. That was joke. No, really. (Just Jill showing her age again)

Speaking of...


I've only been here one time before and thought the food was outstanding. We had the pear salad and each had a filet mignon, cooked to perfection that came with three tortellini. This was no average tortellini. It was tortellini on steriods. It was round, fluffy, perfectly homemade spinach pasta and stuffed with ricotta and mascarpone. Are you freaking kidding me?

I have been dreaming of this meal for two days.

All in all, this was not the experience I expected in a ton of ways but I came out of there a very happy, fulfilled woman. Good company, beautiful European ambiance and a I was served a really great meal.


Thanks LB! You did it right.

Garçon! Wait, that's french. Damn.

Get there....

Louie Bossi

1032 East Las Olas Boulevard

Downtown Fort Lauderdale 

Florida, 33301

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