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Pomp,Snow & Cirque-umstance

Check out the musical score of the new theatrical holiday children's show Pomp, Snow and CIRQUEumstance. This book is a 12 time award winner and now a fantastic music, magic and circus creation. 

You can hear it by tapping here.


About Me

I began driving my mother completely crazy with my love of the arts beginning at three years old. She quickly found a better use of my “energy” and there I was in tights learning tap, jazz, and ballet. I loved dancing school, the shows, the make up, the glamour, but I was a bit swayed by my love of music. As a teenager, I played clarinet in Paris, France for the world-renowned Guy Deplus. A moment I will never forget. Shortly after, during my senior year, I joined the ranks of college musicians performing as principal clarinetist in the Stony Brook University Orchestra. Still, I just knew that sitting and playing would never be enough to satisfy my incredible zest for life, and so I leapt into new and exciting ventures.


I took to the world of entertainment working as a professional dancer/vocalist, and soon became the first female Master of Ceremonies in the crowd-motivating DJ and live band circuit (some would say cult) in the tristate area of NY/NJ/CT. I began acting in commercials, and making myself a local fixture in community theater on Long Island. I soon launched into directing and producing live events, fashion shows, and charity functions, which directly led to my dream of performing in Off-Broadway productions. It was here I began working with Elizabeth Swados, who took a liking to me from the minute I sang for her in her incredible loft in NYC. She had an amazing effect on my career and honestly, my life. She gave me the confidence to create melodies and harmonies on the spot, sometimes only ten minutes before showtime. I didn’t realize the gifts I possessed until Liz. I toured as a soloist with Swados’ production of Bible Women for two years.


I began writing music for documentaries and short films and working in many studio recording sessions in New York, creating background vocals, coaching new vocalists, and performing voiceovers and commercials. I performed with many well known artists in the studio and out on the road. 


In November 1998, I created a rock band to play my original music and signed a deal with Blackheart Records and Universal. My first record release achieved some mainstream success landing one of the hit songs at number 13 on the Billboard Music Hot 100 chart. Naturally, I went on to create, direct and produce my own music video which would lead me to top ten success on the Much Music video channel. 


Prior to my years as a solo artist, I had been working with Cirque Dreams artistic director, Neil Goldberg, singing on many live theatrical shows and helping to create the company’s first public theatrical cirque style show at Bally’s Grand in Atlantic City. 


I returned to Cirque Dreams, helping to create a more theatrical, family friendly show in English, now known as Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy. This show went to Broadway in 2008. As creator of the leading role “Mother Nature,” I was thrilled to perform every night and singing to my own composed score. I went on to create dozens of musical scores for Cirque Dreams and it's partners, Norwegian Cruise Line and Gaylord Hotels to name a few.


My 27 years was well spent learning everything entertainment and moving up the ranks to become Executive Director and VP of Creative at Cirque Dreams, part of Cirque Du Soleil Group. I continually created new productions, events, music, and discovered extraordinary talent by traveling extensively around the world. I produced all live shows and events and led the team to ensure that Cirque Dreams delivered the talent and spectacle that made the shows so well-loved.


For most of us, 2020 hit hard. Cirque Du Soleil went bankrupt. I pivoted quickly going back to my roots and entrepreneurial skills, writing musical scores, consulting on my many new projects for many other companies around the world, helping to develop new shows of all kinds.  I have opened two new companies. Purelyjillmedia, which has been exciting consulting worldwide on all new Entertainment projects, composing, arranging, jingles, voice overs and even audio book narration. I also opened a new retail store called SHOW U EQ a luxurious and modern equestrian clothing boutique , featuring beautiful Italian Brands and gifts for everyone who loves horses. You can check it out


Yes, my other passion is horses.   


"Impossible is just an opinion"
                               -Paul Coelho
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